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phokes107   by   Palagran

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Sheep floating in the Dead Sea.
Roborods around ashore.
Life hovering unseen.

Eyal Greengrass' fulminant debut of amazing melodic electronics sends lovely harmonics and playful seriousness from Israels shores to the interested world. Crispy elements meet beautiful leads. Slower paced tracks go hand in hand with some upbeat tracks.

release page English: www.phonocake.org/YBT
release page Deutsch: www.phonocake.org/YBT_de

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All music, composed, mixed and mastered by Eyal Greengrass. Track list and editorial advices by Parmon. Artwork by Eyal Greengrass. Text, orga and translation by parmon. Archive. orga / webhosting by rh.
released 29. September 2014


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


Release @ Archive.org

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