About Phonocake

Aiming to present the local electronic music scene on a wider scale, the Dresden based netlabel Phonocake releases electronic music by artists from Dresden since June 1, 2003. Since 2006 we also release music from friends and artists worldwide, from Russia, South America and Europe. We made the online music debuts of artists like Disrupt, Alec Tronic, Modul, Kryptic Universe, Madstyle and Mr. Incognito possible. Our musicians do their music mainly in the free time, but mostly for more than ten years. You can find music in the styles IDM, melodic Electronica, Experimental and all possible combinations of it here. We have a strong free access and free culture attitude. In 2010 we reactivated the label as our sister label. Besides this Phonocake sees itself as a platform for artists to interact and act locally.

The music, we offer here and in the net is released with the so called Creative Commons Licence. This licence is especially good to protect the listeners, so they can download, listen and use the files safely under the conditions, not to sell or make money with the music. On the other hand all artists keep their (copy)rights. Offering music under a creative commons licence does not mean, that the artist looses anything.

Why creative commons? from Niko Dittmann on Vimeo.

For some reasons we can't and don't want to work together with (unfree) artists who are bound to so called royalty agencies, which we find to be strange control institutions.