Al Magnifico
By applying all available computer based techniques of sound creation and deformation including acoustic sound sources and any given sample material Al tries to create just beautiful music. Al Magnifico (aka U.N.E or peanut) makes music with PCs since 1994 and had filled his hard discs and several CDs and Tapes with an innumerable amount of fragments, which rise rather seldom to a final state (he a lazy man with a job and a family, ya know).
Most finished productions are ordered, thats why they are mostly part of theater and experimental films' music and the DJ work for a jugglers&fire show "Specificum" and the kids circus "Domino". Phonocake "ordered" Al to give his pieces to a probably bigger (?) part of mankind by releasing them at
A great stylistic variance is the program, but if you really want to know about, his musical background: til the age of 20 rather mainstreamly, then 3 years of mostly hippie stuff (Jim, Jimy, Janis...), 4 years of hardcore Zappa, since then all kinds of warpish electronica, IDM, Lounge and EZ listening, sometimes psychedelic rock, nowadays also hip hop (some more orders for madrust).

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