Who are MOC?

(Anatol Locker: elektron madness, monomachine, glitch & non-glitch, mixing)
(Wolfgang Schmetterer: producing, mixing, text, vocal, bits & echoes)

Das Duo MOC

MOC, which are Wolfgang Schmetterer and Anatol Locker. Both run for years in Munich Glockenbachviertel past each other. But they live just 50 meters distance apart. A mutual friend brings the two together. With a cautious sniff at half the distance and a common "Yes, let's see, what will happen." they began to collaborate.

They come from different directions. Schmetterer learned playing bass and all just because of dub. He thinks Illbient is a very straight thing and plays for many years hustling garage music - his band "Jemand" is known throughout the city. Schmetterer not only can play instruments but also radio plays and such. His weapon is not Word, but ASCII - just "listen only in your own head ...". As "Magentaa" he published palatable electronica and allows himself to offset with the production of country songs.

Locker learns piano, but he's with electronics, computers, small technical devices. He experimented with Ambient (including "Disquiet Junto"), finds new music collage techniques, designes sounds using the iPad. He plays regularly at Dance Jam collective "Ambiosonics". Anatol holds a Game Boy for a full-blown musical instrument and a dial for a great invention of mankind.

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