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Here you can read a new interview with the artist Matti T. (April 2019)


What place on earth would you like to see or go one day?
Maybe some place with amazing views, like Norway. That could also give me new spark to start doing photography again!

Is there a favorite day in the week for you? If so, pls let us know.
Probably sunday... lazy sunday, sleeping in late and no hurry to do anything.

What are currently your favorite drinks or dishes?
I feel like all I drink is water and coffee so I’ll say those...

What moments can give you joy?
Getting back home after 12-hour work shift , and feeling tired but good about the hard work you did.


Please tell us about your music and your process in making music? Are there certain times you like to make music?
My music? Still to this date I’m not sure what genre it really is, but I guess I started to make ambient at first, and later on added beat/drums to it.

I never have forced myself to make tracks, it has always been a way to get emotions/feelings out of my head.

What is your 'music history'? How did you get to your prefered music production style?
I’ve pretty wide taste in music, from rock to hip hop, and all kind of electronic. I started to make music after listening to Above & Beyond and their Anjunabeats label’s music, uplifting trance. I wanted to create same kind of uplifting music, but somehow I ended up making these glitchy ambient tracks...

At some point I discovered Burial and I was suprised that there’s this kind of ”area” of electronic music. Deep, dark, glitchy but emotional at the same time. Just what I liked to do.

I’ve never been able to enjoy making ”clean” tracks, I always wanted it to be bit out of tune, I think that adds so much levels in to it.

Would you like or could you play your music to a greater audience, live?
I don’t think that my music would fit live audience, it has too much elements going on. And, I don’t see myself performing in front of audience.

After many years of music production you now decided to have a break. Whats up and/or will be next? How came it?
I’ve felt for few years that there’s no point of releasing music anymore, I guess I’ve always hoped for bigger audience for it. But I still kept making it ”for myself” for all these years. Right now, I haven’t done any tracks in a long time. I don’t have any spark for it. Maybe one day I’ll start producing again, who knows... I’ve started to create artwork again, that’s something I really enjoy to do at the moment.


Would you like to share some thoughts about today's situation of music in the internet?
All I can say that today, it’s really easy to get your music to a large audience, but at the same time really hard to get truly ”discovered”.

I was lucky to get my first releases on Siko Records (thanks Tuomas) back in the day, that really helped me to reach this whole ”underground” community of people who loves making music.

I think the music I make sounds ”too weird” for lot of people, so it’s great that there are still labels like Phonocake to release it!

It’s sad to see that labels like Siko Records have gone away, hopefully Phonocake and others still keep going on strong!

Thank you for answering the questions.

April 2019

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