Piod is an electronic music project by Knut Kaulke. Knut published tracks at phonocake under the moniker Aries Fiktion. His passion nowadays is a sound design system called Kyma that he develops own modular software for. With the machines as well as touchless interfaces he performs IDM live acts for which you can book him. He calls his current music production (after 2014) a performance based music production, playing live sets and extracting takes.

Piod is an artificial word containing the letters „io“ (input/output) in the middle and „p“ and „d“ as jacks.

Piod merges melodic and percussion elements into one conglomeration. Drum sets become more tonal without loosing their specific noise-like sound. The aim is to create new sounds driven by beat sequences which can be played via claviature.

Phonocake Releases

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