trans alp
With his roots in the music of dark matter, his first experiences with Tracker Software in the 90ties and a new deepening passion for analogue equipment and acousmatic sounds as well as improvised Techno liveacting under the moniker as Sonic Depth Trap, you can find a very diverse 'music program' around the musician behind Trans Alp. All his releases characterize through a clearity in sound. It it obviously, that he is also quite active as a graphic artist. So he is responsible for some of the good artworks of the latest Phonocake releases. He also designed a Diascope-picture and the outfit of our cassette-release. You can always count on him for organizing event-actions. Together with the poet Andreas Paul he had some presentations, mixing sound and words. His favourite sequencer-software is Energy XT. Since 2008 he is part of the Phonocake-Admins, also listening some of the new Demos. He came to us, putting a Demo-CD in one of our letterboxes. And we were fascinated by his music from the very beginning.

Phonocake Releases


Silizium (12 inch / orange / 180g)
scrawl (netrelease / elpa)
LIVE@pumplanespecial (free Mp3s @ Pumplane)

Compilation Tracks

%s1 / %s2

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