After nine years of Netaudio absence elAstrum presented his album freqmod at Kahvi in early 2019 and his new album e-Waves at Phonocake. Before he released at net labels Otium & Rain under the artist names Astrum and elAstrum, with Astrum being more in the ambient direction while elAstrum presents the electronica thread of Astrums style. The artist also had three early psy noise releases, also under the name Astrum: * Crack * Dead Star & * Meta, some released at now dysfunct net label Tico. You can find most of the releases at

Please stay tuned for his new release as well as an interview with the artist.


Phonocake Releases


Freqmod (free release at Kahvi)
FM Archive (free netaudio release at Otium)


July 2019


What place on earth would you like to see or go one day?

A place like the one shown in Danny Boyle's film "the Beach".

Is there a favorite day in the week for you? If so, pls let us know.

That day of the week, which is here and now, especially if on this day everything goes well. And the weekend of course!

What are currently your favorite drinks or dishes?

In spring - a salad of young shoots of nettle, in summer - andalusian gazpacho and a lot of chili, in autumn - potatoes with porcini mushrooms without spices, in winter - dumplings. And beer all year round ;)

What moments can give you joy?

Full understanding, insight. And since I am a representative of the biological species of Homo from the squad of primates, no human joy is alien to me ;)


Please tell us about your music and your process in making music? Are there certain times you like to make music?

I start making music almost always without a plan. I find some interesting sound and then look for the melody and that the rhythm is in harmony with it. An exception is the first four tracks of the e-Waves album, where all the music is determined by the harmony and sound of radio calls which begin with these tracks.
As a rule, I do music late in the evening and at night. Sometimes when a "big wave" happens, I can do it until morning, and then being the whole day blunt :)

What is your 'music history'? How did you get to your prefered music production style?

At the age of six I began to be excited of the sound of flying turboprop aircrafts, there were still quite a lot of them at that time. Oh, what a sound that was! I could listen to this for hours! Since then, I've been sick of audiophilia, extracting sound from everything that came into my view. From the hat box to the clothesline, from the creaking door to the drops of water falling into the empty bucket. Then I had my first guitar, the first songs, played trash metal in the local group, was even its band "Portwine" And all this time I really wanted a synthesizer, but there was no possibility to get it. In 1995, I had a four-track recorder, a 12-channel mixer and several effect pedals in my hands. That's where the fun began. I lost my job and spent days wandering around the outskirts of the city and recording various interesting sounds. Since there were no pocket recorders then, I used a portable cassette recorder. In order not to depend on the batteries, I adapted a motorcycle battery for power, which once leaked and burned with acid my backpack and fell on the heel. I'm lucky my pants survived :) . And in the evening I created sound tapes from the recorded material. It was fun! Thus I satisfied my childish audiophile tendencies. And then a new era came. I entered the 21st century on a computer. For a couple of years I mastered the work with sound, Photoshop and adjustment of the computer. In 2000s I made three albums in the style of ambient music and took part in one collaboration. And finally got close to my childhood dream - a software synthesizer based on the famous Yamaha DX7. On this device I swim to this day and its capabilities seem innumerable. From all of the above, we can conclude that all our inclinations and addictions grow from early childhood and we remain those children until the end :)
Where did style come from? I don't know, but guess from childhood (Jarre, Kraftwerk). But style is constantly changing, there is only the handwriting, which is improving.

Can you tell us more about the "radio calls". I am not sure, if I understand what a "radio call" is.

It is the callsign of the radio station. This is a small melodic fragment which is a symbol of the radio station. For example, Deutsche Welle used to have a very nice callsign. And I never liked the BBC callsign.

Would you like or could you play your music to a greater audience, live?

I don't see any point in it. The concert is a show, and I'm not a showman or even a musician, but rather a sound designer. A few years ago I had the opportunity to show my musical program with my own video in the city planetarium, but I could not sell even a quarter of the tickets to pay back the rent. Since then, I have not even thought about live concerts.


Please share some thoughts about today's or former situation of music in the internet?

On the Internet about music are all very well today, much better than 10 years ago. In recent years, bandcamp gained strength and became the largest music venue in the world where you can find music for any occasion.

Are there any net labels or other artists in the net you would recommend?

Recently, I am very pleased with Ochre, Blochemy, BLN (aka Brazda Lui Novac), All India Radio of previous years (ambient kind of surf music), planet Mu label, Kahvi Collective, and of course Phonocake with artists such as Mikk Rebane and Palagran.

Whats up in your Cosmic town ; ) or music / event wise in your country?

Kaluga is a real swamp in the cultural sense and nothing happens here, only the herds of ordinary people peacefully graze. In the whole of Russia it is about the same, with the exception of the metropoles Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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