OMBRA OBSCVRA is an electronic music producer and multidisciplinary Spanish graphic artist who made his debut in 2019 with the launch of a digital EP self-published, ‘la nit eterna’.

OMBRA OBSCVRA began producing electronic music at the early age of 15 along with a group of friends. He has grown up in the middle of the era of VHS, cassette tapes and CD-ROM, and he has always experimented to try to find different sounds giving value to the failure and the error. A few years after he forged his hobby and it became a necessity, he began experimenting with ambient music and noise, embracing and alternating with other musical styles over time. His unfathomable influences could be summed up in artists such as Holy Other, Nosaj Thing, Balam Acab, Dame, Adapt, Shlohmo and Christian Löffler among others.

His music is an environmental landscape evolution that travels between different styles, such as down tempo, dub, ambient and even IDM, all deformed and compacted under his personal and characteristic of vision, which wants to ‘touch’ something within those who listen to it.

OMBRA OBSCVRA is a particularly evasive and private artist, valuing the mystery surrounding it as a byproduct of stage fright and an initial desire to keep the project anonymous for as long as possible. Despite having performed in various festivals under different pseudonyms and musical proposals.

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Here you can read a fresh interview with OMBRA OBSCVRA.. (March 2020)


What place on earth would you like to see or go one day?

Some years ago I met Southeast Asia and fell madly in love. Then my desire to travel has been growing more and more. not as a hobby or for crossing out countries from a list. I am very interested in the social nature of traveling and in local food. Another of my great passions.
Mexico, Iran, Vanuatu, Iceland, Tanzania... These are very different examples of sites that I would like to visit. What I value most is the authentic experience, not the route designed for tourists.

Is there a favorite day in the week for you? If so, pls let us know.
As you can imagine non working days are the better for me, and holidays of course. I consider myself a simple person, for me a good day is one in which I don't have many obligations, a day with my girl, my dog, and to be able to make music for a while.

What are currently your favorite drinks or dishes?
That's impossible. I like practically everything. But I prefer not fatty or fried foods. I eat a lot of vegetables, less meat and fish. None dairy products... but when I travel I try to eat everything I'm not a squared mind person, not for this at least. Well, I consider myself a rice lover, and food lover also.

What moments can give you joy?
Be comfortable, in good company, listen to music and forget about problems. Go for a walk in the mountains walking or cycling. Or being with friends and beers, I love it. On some occasion even Spiderman's girlfriend comes with us.


Please tell us about your music and your process in making music.

I’ll explain the story of the creation of the album.
I’ve composed all the songs secretly in free time in the office where I'm working. I installed ableton live, unauthorized version, and I was doing tunes, without being able to save the projects or export. In fact I found a way to be able to export the tracks in aif without having the ableton live authorized. That way I could save the masters of the songs. Each song is done over a working day in my office. I couldn’t save the project, so I had to export the project before I left.
I only used 2 vst (ozone8 and neutron2) on the whole disk, because I didn’t have anything else installed on this computer. Everything else is done with the basic ableton package. And produced with a shitty headphones. That kind of headphones that you get with your partner’s ex-husband’s smartphone (literally).
Many time later, relistening all the material I had done, I discovered that several tracks had many elements in common so I decided to create a bandcamp to listen to all these songs together. But only for personal use. I finally thought the EP wasn’t so bad, so I showed it to friends, and more and more people.
And nothing more, after getting a little dizzy on the internet, I contacted you :)

Would you like or could you play your music to a greater audience, live?
As I said I consider myself a Simple person. I think my music is more like a personal working than a dancefloor oriented or music hall crowded of people. I prefer play my music for a little but interested people. I like to decontextualize the place and the relationship that exists with it and the music. Besides, it terrifies me to have to play for so many people.


Please share some thoughts about today's or former situation of music in the internet?
Internet? I heard marvelous things about that, people said that will be the future!!
Jokes apart, I totally trust the collaborative culture and the philosophy of free software and DIY. In my opinion internet is a great help for people and music artists for meeting up, and I praise that. The internet has created new methods for creating, distributing and consuming music. And being passionate about music as I am, it can only seem fantastic to me.

Are there any net labels or other artists in the net you would recommend?
Internet is full of them, there are many different types and styles. Here we are for talking about myself, hahahaha I'm joking. I will mention few netlabels in my country that seems special to me.
Plataforma LTW, Miga, Marbre Negre or Sr Nadie Subcultura Recordings. There are a lot of interesting artists here too like Rec_Overflow, Yin Elek, Adapt, Juan Antonio Nieto among others

Whats up in Valencian Region electronica music wise? Smth you can recommend for the current being?

Here in this region we had a very crowded cultural movement in the early 80's called 'la ruta del bakalao' that was focused in electronic music and club culture. It was a decadent movement for almost 30 years, but its importance got lower with the years and the more restrictive regulations by the government. Maybe it was on the same level of other European cities. People were hard-partying, like 72 hours, along a bunch of clubs every week. Nowadays only one of that clubs is still active, the Metro Dance Club, with techno based monthly parties, and if you're near the spot I recommend that. It is one of the bests clubs in Spain, and in Europe also.

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