Aderacid made his first steps in the electronic music world in 2000. He started composing Acid Tekno and Tekno Music and since 2004 he had been active as a DJ. Exploring a wide range of sounds universes, his aim is to produce eclectic and dance floor from minimal music to acid tekno, through electro, tek-house, breakbeat & big-beat. Since 2000 he was part of many event organizations, such as : - From 2002 to 2007, he toke part in decoration and played music in many raves party in Europe with the Sono Pirate Unit sound system and in some festivals in Europe as well. - In 2008, he met a crew Alibaba prod in Marseille and start to play with them in some underground places. - In 2009, with Kritikal Loops and Delfina PIezo (from Sono Pirate Unit) he played and took part in organization of Eklektik Fusion party in France. 2009 was the year of the Marseille come back, where he organized a lot of parties regrouping every styles of Electronic Music. In October 2009 he started to play every week end @l'intermédiaire with Fex MST, till April 2010. In 2015 he integrated J.A.V (Jazz Action Valence) to learn music theory and technical at school. Currently he continues to compose any style of Electronic Music.

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