After a brute start with DHR + d'n'b and a musical winter à la Monolake, Disrupt focused his interests on island-ish dub rhythms and, at a later point, rhythms and sounds from Berlin. Those and other influences, among them soccer (or football), his current whereabouts at the Phonocake 'outpost' Delhi and of course tons and tons of records, paved the way to Disrupt's musical style, which he coined "DigitalLaptopReggae". Riddims are the key, bringing about individually produced interpretations. Further genres pursued by Disrupt are dub chiptunez and other 'electronica' styles. Whenever Disrupt is not inventing new styles, you can find him behind a camera, shooting pictures that one or the other may well see on TV every now and then. Check out Disrupt Worldwide Multimedia!

Phonocake Releases


Foundation Bit (album CD)
JAM'IN SAUCE (Free Mp3s @ les cristaux liquident)
Central Dubbing Unit (Free Soundfiles @ Jahtari HQ)
Jah Bit Invasion (Free Files @ iD.eology Netlabel)
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