With inspirations from introspective sea events and lysergic mountain highs in Uruguay, Sound Designer Andres Nudelman from harbour city Montevideo brings dada-hop and Cumbia Villera Glitch in our houses. He comes out of the 'river of colorful birds', drinking mate, hanging around at south american beaches and playing around with naïf intergalactic lovebeats, sometimes exchanging tracks for astronaut teddy bears with an artist friend. After releases on uruguayan netlabels 'Monte Audio' and 'Ouzo' this is his first international release. Tracks 3 and 4 were created together with Gonzalo Francia ("Willow"). Since some time, he forms, together with Sofi Casanova, a new creative duo.

Phonocake Releases


Viva Tunita! (free files at Ouzo Netlabel)
Me Asusta EP (free mp3s)
Agridulce (free files at Ouzo)
Beatselectrodomesticos (free mp3s @ XLR Netlabel)

Compilation Tracks

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