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phoke79 by  inicolabug

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Ada Lovelace will blast your surrogate® with her mind controlled butterfly UAV.

Massive full length album debut out of the the Eternal City. Acoustic Sci-Fi, which reminds of the so great old netlabel Sine Fiction. Dubious chaotic regulated switchpoints in a grid of time and imagination.

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Mastering: audio engineers of Antilights Mixmaster and Artefacts Mastering, grfx by Emanuela March

all tracks by Nicola Alparone aka inicolabug; mastering by Antilights Mixmaster (Gianclaudio) and Artefacts Mastering (Daniele); graphic project by Emanuela March; text, translation, orga by parmon; archive.orga by rh;
released 23.3.2012

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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a special thanks to the audio engineers of Antilights Mixmaster (Gianclaudio) and Artefacts Mastering (Daniele) for the mastering and to Emanuela March for the graphic project

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experimental, scifi, IDM, space, broken, cybernetic, textures, sounddesign, random, microscopic, dark, mysterious spheres, Braindance, album, Rom, Europe, Italy, 2012
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