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Here you can read a new interview with the artist illocanblo. (January 2019)


What place on earth would you like to see or go one day?

ah, a lot of beautiful places we have at our planet. Australia, China, South America at all, Africa and even Antarctica. These places would be great to make a big round trip all over the world!

Is there a favorite day in the week for you? If so, pls let us know.

Nope, because i'm not a five days a week worker, but it is good when it's a vacation day.

What are currently your favorite drinks or dishes?

Tea, a good refreshing tasty cup to start the day, mmm.

What moments can give you joy?

A lot of simple things, like sun rays at the morning or playing kids in the yard. Life is too complicated sometimes, so simplicity gives me joy.


Please tell us about your music and your process in making music? Are there certain times you like to make music?

My music is a kind of genres blend like dub, braindance, IDM, glitch, ambient and so on. Basically I just try to make music sounding like my current mood.
I'm working in the box, with my DAW and a bunch of plug-ins, sometimes I record samples with my cell phone.
I'm working with music when I have a time for it, so it doesn't matter if it is morning or evening outside right now.

Why are there so many elements and tracks in your songs? Has it always been like that?

IDK, basically I just start adding layers, one after another, so when I hear the wall of sound I just stop and start mixing it. Sometimes I pull out some tracks in a project or just add a very complicated effect chain on it, so it starts to sound very different to where it started. Also I like to automate parameters, as much as I can, so sometimes a project looks like a living creature with his own mood. I think only the power of my CPU gives me a finish line.

Would you like or could you play your music to a greater audience, live?

I'm making local events some time, when me and my friends are jamming together for hours. We don't have a big audience, but this is a great time and possibility to exchange feelings with the audience through music.
Sometimes we make events with a tight line up, filled with my co-minded friends. It is great to share a stage with other people.


Would you like to share some thoughts about today's situation of music in the internet?

Industry makes big steps to control audience choice in music. Big corporations like streaming platforms give a solid stream of new releases to listener, but listeners stop making a choice of wich release they will be listening first, the stream doesn't give a chance to choose. As a result we end up with people without music choice at all. I really wanna shake hands with modern diggers in music scene, because it is obviously big in any genre, and this is great to spend time in the depth of bandcamp solo artists pages or at netlabels catalogue at

Would you like to have your music on media like Vinyl records or tape?

Yeah, records on vinyl, cds, tapes all of this formats are great. It is great to have a vinyl disk in your hands, or opening a cassette box and so on. This is a kind of fetishism, isnt it?
I had the chance to make a 12" in 2016, with help from Switzerland Label called Prefer Music. This was a great expirience and I hope to make another record sometime in a future.

Are there any fav labels (also dysfunct ones) or netaudio artists?

For now i'm into new era IDM/Braindance labels such as:
ELM Collective
Cota303 Records
Liminal Recs
stupid color squad
Mono Panic
Glorp Records
In former times, when dial-up gave me 5kbs/minute download speed I was into labels like Thinner, Subspace, phonocake (haha), kahvi, ideology.
Nowadays it is a great time to be a solo artist without a label, because self promotion gives a lot of experience.

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