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New release by Trans Alp + first Phonocake vinyl r

We made it, another step... not only musically, also in distribution. .. an experiment, because many peeps love them : records. So be it, we combine it of course, free and rec. Start is a Dub Electronica EP by Trans Alp. here is the release page

04/03/2011 02:03 AM by

In the clouds - phoke66 : Cirrus by 505

505, who is active in the ATARI scene for a very long time, presents
his first PC produced album, for years growed melodic Elektro album
with goosebumps potential, also the first time a release on a netlabel.
Welcome 505.

11/29/2010 03:46 AM by

Nature Serum ... by Anolique

Surprise, surprise... with another dbut, the music project Anolique, we extend the the last compilation release in Electrnica-House and go a bit further into some kind of hypnotic Deep-Techno, as an autumnal statement and as a motor, which will bring us to some other releases in the next time, but then again more in some other musical directions again, which aren't that unknown to Anolique also. Releasepage.

10/29/2010 04:35 AM by

Magical Fern

With a small exploration in electronica-house we want to point you on the latest developments in Dresdens Housescene as well as to introduce new friends like Gtterkreis from Dresden, Evgeny Light from Rostov-na-Don and Phil Gerus from Moscow. Along with them are good old buddies Modul and Madstyle, offering the soundtrack for the search for the magical fern. Be with us.

08/02/2010 09:48 PM by

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