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DIGI G'ALESSIO prsnts: Disco Zambra Remixes
phoke86 by  v.a.

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The Italian Beat Scene did it again! Beatmaster Digi G'alessio kicks the drums and the who is who follows the invitation. This time it's Digi G'Alessio's »Disco Zambra« release, which called for remixes and homies, friends, inviting to hit their drums. Visit our space disco! All day long.

VOL 1:

LIFE & LIMB (US): soundcloud.com/thelifeandlimb
GAEX & KARAOKE TUNDRA (SK): soundcloud.com/karaoketundra
BONBOOZE (IT): soundcloud.com/bonbooze
DZA (RU): soundcloud.com/dza
HELLOMYNAMEISRA (IT): soundcloud.com/hello_ra
U.X.O. (IT): soundcloud.com/uxo
IRHU (IT): soundcloud.com/irhu-cinquecento
RAILSTER (IT): soundcloud.com/railster
BONBOOZE (IT): soundcloud.com/bonbooze

VOL 2:

GRILLO: soundcloud.com/grillo
MIQI O. (FR): soundcloud.com/narqo
GROVEKINGSLEY (IT): soundcloud.com/grovekingsley
GRIZZLER (UK): soundcloud.com/grizzlerbeats
GSQ (IT): soundcloud.com/gsqventreianca
RPG H8R (FR): soundcloud.com/rpgh8r
SPIN OFF (IT): soundcloud.com/spinoff
XCOAST (IT): soundcloud.com/costa
RAYNA MC (IT): soundcloud.com/nevrayna

VOL 3:

B KUN (IT): soundcloud.com/bkun
COSTA (IT): soundcloud.com/costa
BEWSENZIO (IT): soundcloud.com/bewsenzio
COLOSSIUS (IT): soundcloud.com/colossius
GRIZZLER (UK): soundcloud.com/grizzlerbeats
CKRONO (IT): soundcloud.com/ckrono
SLESH (IT): soundcloud.com/slesh-dj
KAPPAH (IT): soundcloud.com/kappah
BAINMASS (IT): soundcloud.com/bainmass
BONBOOZE (IT): soundcloud.com/bonbooze

VOL 4:

ARGE (Numa Crew) (IT): soundcloud.com/arge-numa-crew
MASTER OF RIBONGIA (AUS): soundcloud.com/masterofribongia
LVNAR (IT): soundcloud.com/lvn4r
PLANET SOAP (IT): soundcloud.com/fededsm
ZEMAUNO (IT): soundcloud.com/paolozemauno
BOORGROOVE (PL): soundcloud.com/mash-machine
MORPHEGROUND (IT): soundcloud.com/morpheground
CHICHO CRUZ (JP): soundcloud.com/chichocruz
KAE (IT): soundcloud.com/kae_work_in_progress
HELLOMYNAMEISRA (IT): soundcloud.com/hello_ra
CONTAINER(IT): soundcloud.com/container

▼ info
Original Album "Disco Zambra" was released in march 2011 by Bedroom Research and it's free downloadable at this link: www.bedroomresearch.com/label-catalogue/D/6-digi-g-alessio/30-disco-zambra.html 2012 - Phonocake - Bedroom Research - Digi G'Alessio digigalessio.bandcamp.com // phonocake.org
artwork by Kae - behance.net/kaesthetics
released 28st of Septembre

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


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21st Century Beats, Compilation, Italy, international, 2012,
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