Jugendsünden - follies of youth

phoke50   by   v.a.

With the 50st release we go back in time, to the beginnings of electronic music making from the point of our artists views. We asked the artists for one track of their old days, a time, when digital networks were not that popular. Many had to digitalize Cassettes or change media formats. We call those tracks, which are mostly from around 1998 'Jugendsünden', 'follies of youth' in english. Artists of the compilation are: Madstyle, Bad Comfort, Al Magnifico, Trans Alp, Sören Matschiste, parmon, Peter Venus, AAA, Deftype, Alec Troniq, Noise-Beyond-Silence und Granufunk. But we used their old monikers from those days.

Matching the old school spirit that comes with the 10-years-review we decided to present this release only on cassette. It's not the best way in distribution, especially when being a netlabel, but we also want to show the disadvantages of limited media. We will all give them away as gifts for the guys and girls who helped us the last 5 years in all the aspects, that came along with organising a label, workshops, events and things. There are 50 copies of the Phonocake 50 Release. The next 49 releases will net-distributed again. ;-)

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Idee : Trans Alp und parmon; Kopieren: Trans Alp, Al Magnifico, Bad Comfort und Parmon; Artwork by Sebastian Drichelt - sebastian-drichelt.de; Zusammenbasteln : Trans Alp + parmon; Compilation, Kassettenkauf und Artistkontakt : parmon; technische Beratung: peanut; Realisationskosten: 120 Euro; Spenden: WBS_70, Andreas banq.de, IncogniTobi, Trans Alp, Bad Comfort, parmon, Granufunk, Roci Honisch, Sören Matchiste, Aries Fiktion, Le Bastian, Al Magnifico, Madstyle;
released 18. Juli 2008


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