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phoke73   by   Blackberry

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Slipping into a deep-cut valley, lined full of sugar rings and plush donuts filled with wine, around to realize that you are in a self carved wound, full of adventures, that we call life.
In the distance the abyss, the sweet, while balanced over wobbly wooden parapets, anointed by the Dub of lovely waves, in the bosom of bliss, while abstruse stalks, to serve the bill. Sangfroid, before you fall, into the glass of reason, full of love, preserved in the rings of artificiality.

With the artist Blackberry we closely come into another electronica artist generation in our city. Some will already know him by his EP's on the legendary and great Kahvi Collective, one of the oldest netlabels on earth : ). And now we can enjoy an EP by the Dresden resident on our label. A fine IDM-Electronica-net with slight dubby influences is woven, full of dynamics and audibleness. Enjoy.

dejection | gloom | balefulness | pessimism | suffering | disquiet | misery | sadness | doldrums | affliction | harm | grief | lassitude | tearfulness | despondence | ardor | rapture | jamboree | enjoyment | enthusiasm | exaltation | buzz | conviviality | delight | ravishment | exhilaration | pleasure | blitherness | fun | joy | gladness | cheerfulness | bliss | felicity | fortune | beatitude | luck | verve | glee | fervor | passion | zeal | propensity | merriness | bonfire | mirth

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