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The Brown Book - Remixed

phoke76   by   v.a.

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Fly out to join Digi's huge family picknick. :: Our Brodha Digi G'Alessio from the vital italien Beat Scene invited his friends around / worldwide to let them do magic with the stems of the original »Brown Book« Release. The results are quite diverse but show what's going on in the world of instrumental beats and samplers right now. Enjoy the vibez. Let them bomb you.

ANIQ JOINT @soundcloud
LAMBENT @soundcloud
COLOSSIUS @soundcloud
BENNICI @soundcloud
KOOLMORF WIDESEN @soundcloud.com
JOHNNYBOY @soundcloud
U.X.O queenspectra | @soundcloud

RPG H8R @soundcloud
TINITUS facebook fanpage
KAPPAH @soundcloud
AY @soundcloud
LUY B @soundcloud
SHEX shex.tumblr.com

JONNY FAITH @soundcloud
PLANET SOAP @soundcloud
ATZENI @soundcloud
$LE$H @soundcloud
RAILSTER @soundcloud
CKRONO @soundcloud
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Lots of love to all producers involved.

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music by the artists; idea and production by Digi G'Alessio; ORIGINAL TRACKS TAKEN FROM: (phoke70) The Brown Book - Phonocake Netlabel; all songs mixed by the own artists, except for johnnyboy and Atzeni mixed by digi; mastered by digi at villa ruspoli; Artworks & Video by MASCI - Simone Brillarelli (Fresh Yo!); release, playlist selection and some mastering by parmon & phonocake; Digi G'Alessio, Overknights and Phonocake spread love!

released 4.12.2011


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


Release @ Archive.org


Release @ SonicSquirrel


Release @ Soundshiva



video by MASCI - Simone Brillarelli (Fresh Yo!); BIG Thanks!
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