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phoke98   by   Anaxy

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Sound UAV's, self, organized, in space, FUNCTION X including, in formation, a concert extraordinaire.

The Dresden IDM scene gives a shout. Anaxy, lately to be heard at »Sleepy City«, checks in with faster and harder songs. The tempo is raising. "The Future" is always now.

All tracks were mastered by Stefan Senf a.k.a Noize Creator.

Simultaneously with this release we fill the gap in the phonocake catalogue when finally bringing the number 68 to life: relaxed downbeat techno by RYDOX : www.phonocake.org/wtwgq We left the gap some years ago, because the first record had to be number 69.

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All trax produced by Anaxy; Mastering by Stefan Senf; Cover by Richard Hommel; orga and text by parmon. archive.orga by rh;
released 9. Februar 2014 / Februar, 9th 2014


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


Release @ Archive.org

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