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Motion EP 2014

phokes102   by   СНЗЗ

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Holy bovine, cattle of the stars.
Eat the clouds out loud.
Move slow, love life.

Summer now::: Moscow's beat electronica scene is brought to you with СНЗЗ's first instrumental debut on Phonocake. Being part of a rap crew the artists instrumental sounds full of e-motions are brought to you in full effect.

en: www.phonocake.org/MOTIONEP2014
de: www.phonocake.org/MOTIONEP2014_de

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All tracks produced by СНЗЗ https://soundcloud.com/cnzz ; guitar by Oleg Frenk; Cover Design by Gekas (Evgeni Brylkin) http://evgenibrylkin.wix.com/gekas ; text, orga and translation by parmon. archive.orga by rh;
released 2014-05-29


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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