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Any Color You Can't See

phokes104   by   Push Against New Fakes

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The strings, that keep us alive,
even in the darkest of times,
red is the answer.

Net label debut by Push Against New Fakes. Strong and full of melancholic energy the tracks transpire rave society and IDM culture. Authentic and deepest works from the heart. Open your mind and put on your raving shoes...
... and play it loud. >)
» artist shout outs:.

thanks to: my family, all my friends that were supporting me and my music, especially Mirco, Gloria, Nessa, Jabo, Michel Blanchard, Guru, Sergio, Manuel and everyone I'm forgetting, a big thanks to Laik-Oh!,.thanks to Giò for some beautiful pictures. Thanks to Sven @ Phonocake...he's the best. This album is dedicated to Mattia and Alessia... I love you.

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