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phokes110   by   krokar

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A dark eye observes an emotional battle;
the travelling musician of the 21st middle ages plays modular,
mobile, by the wayside, quite close.

Close to being a tradition we get back to the musical world of Mother Russia. With his debut under use of old soviet synths krokar looks in the slightly depressing areas of electronic music, what touches current feelings a bit and fits to the style of Now. »Tangata« is classical phonocake style, which corresponds very well to many releases on our label: reduced, openly electronic, concrete, open to experiments and somehow mystical.

en: phonocake.org/tangata
de: phonocake.org/tangata_de

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All tracks produced by krokar. artwork by krokar; texts n orga by parmon; archive.orga + hosting by rh; www.phonocake.org - phokes110 - 24. Januar 2015 / January, 24th 2015

released 2015-01-24


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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