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phokes112   by   Potential DifferenSe

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Timeless spirits in the box.
Owls in a colorful orchard.
Time to open Flavora's Box.

»delikatesseN« is a selection of already released tracks as well as new exclusive tracks. The selection wants to be a pleasant overview on Potential differenSe's work so far. The man behind the music project is a musician / programmer from Saint Petersburg in Russia, active for many years already, releasing on several net labels like Nenormalizm, SKRM and abracadabra as well as via self promotion on Bandcamp.

Tracks taken from the releases +7, +8, +9, Begining, Izmenim, Range Lp and Fuck the system EP.

Another premier is an artwork by our long time buddy ʞounterpart a.k.a. Daniel Glaser from Heilbronn, Germany.

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