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phokes114   by   Dimitris Palikaris

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System's activated.
The temple, our body, is ready.
New home, old stars.

Dimitris Palikaris from Athens is back on track and starts the engines with his New Beat like downtempo elektro that gives a lot of room to song elements, building up a tension that erupts at some point, navigating you through the Stargate, re-defining time and perception.

Many thanks goes out again to Berlin based graphic artist Natalja Pomozova who again imagined the cover artwork to Dimitris' second album on Phonocake.



For more than nine years Dimitris Palikaris is an electronic music producer, based in Greece. He has released several ep's, tracks and remixes on various labels such as zipped, stranamente, entrainment, superbia, firebeats music, worldwide exclusive, to name some. His influences come from Electro music from the 80's and especially from Kraftwerk, from rock bands like Pink Floyd, from todays techno music and generally from everything that comes good in his ears. His first track "nice memories" was played on Greece's top underground/avant garde station best FM in the section for the best mix of the month, hosted by A.M.X. Dj's like Argy (Pokerflat), Leon Segka, Nicolas Dales, Dj Saint Louis... have played his tracks in their shows. His first debut album (Eternity) on the netlabel community came from Phonocake on 2014, which was the first pure electronic album he'd ever made. He is currently preparing for new releases and the journey still goes on. Special thanks to phonocake for the trust and the opportunity!

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