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I Did It For Me

phokes117   by   Matti T

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Scratched surface on your photonic streamline.
Cracks are just a sign of memory.
Snow n dust in the sun.

Phonocake's June release coming from next gen young Matti T from Suomi bringing his EP »I Did It For Me«, a pleaseant 25 min listening experience moving throughout dimensions of ambient, melodics, beatstuff like dnb & dubbed step, ending in a fulminant track whose pads may catch you intensely.

release page (en): www.phonocake.org/FORME
release page (de): www.phonocake.org/FORME_de
» artist shout outs:.

Special thanks to Tuomas and Folkhälsan for the help and support over the last few years!

▼ info
All tracks produced by Matti T. Artwork by Matti T. texts n orga by parmon; archive.orga by rh;
released 6.6.2016


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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