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le sacre du noir
phokes123 by  Winterberg

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In perfect attention the crystallized minescrafter digs through the depths of the heights. In hand luggage the best machines, he travels across noone's heaven. Three rooms.

With Winterberg's second album, we go a bit deeper into his work. After his self chosen "lock in with grand" some songs reached new levels. Grasping the moment, comfort of maturity. Between saturated thickness and clear raising there are also occasionally surprises.

Over three hours of music has been found for this album, well portioned in three parts. Five years have passed since the previous album. Now he's back for more. We wish you a great listening pleasure with these selected works of improvisation, of live play. Spirit, soul and earth invite you to dive into.

en: www.phonocake.org/lsdnoir
de: www.phonocake.org/lsdnoir_de

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Musik & Produktion: Winterberg; Auswahl: Winterberg & parmon; Foto : A.Schramm; Artwork: Sebastian Drichelt www.sebastian-drichelt.de; release text & orga: parmon; archive orga & hosting: Rico; Link : soundcloud.com/winterberg
released 31.3.2017

Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, Dresden, mp3, flac, 2017, live recordings, introspective, piano, slow, melancholic, dark, dreamy, mysterious,
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