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Mecanik ep

phoke27   by   Mr. Incognito

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With the intro track "effixx", it takes Mr. Incognito roughly a minute to open up a world of noises, an exploration of spheric sounds, letting the listener wander through areas structured by noise and machine sounds, almost as if s/he was the only remaining human being in a world inhabited by robots: hydraulic systems, engines, picker arms, performing their tasks unaffected by the observer - a vision that does not convey fear, but much rather raises curiosity within the fascinated, uninvolved observer and lets him (or her) put the Mecanik EP on repeat for further exploration of the created acoustic space.

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music: mr. incognito, texts in english and german by calliste, visual artwork by parmon, public information work by bad comfort, preview-files and encoding by parmon, archive.org-transmitting by roci hinosch, choosing of tracks and order of them done by parmon.
released 07 2004


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


Release @ Archive.org

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