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phoke29   by   Drehton

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Welcome to the world of the musician 'Drehton'. Sweet little ghosts are zipping around breaking percussions and beautiful guitar lines, which turn into something else every now and then, since the guitar is mainly used as input device for a midi controller. 'Lhoupcakes' is a very emotional, an instinctive release, built of fragments of a live recording in Dresden's club gallery 'l'houp'. There and then, fat beats will give this listening experience a push forward. Short and sweet.Enjoy.

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Music and cover by Drehton, organising, encoding and release-text by parmon, text-translation by calliste, archive.organisation by rh, infomation and cover-rework by KO.
released 01 2005


Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0


Release @ Archive.org

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