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phonocake's petit fours 2006

phoke39   by   v.a.

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A spontaneous Phonocake-'Hear-Around' at the edge 2006 / 2007 is evolved. Stylistically mixed 'colourful', but mostly relaxed and for the experienced listeners, you get a nice mixture of finest artworks from many areas and locations for your ears.

Field Recordings, Melodic Electronica, Mysterious Tracks, Psy-Chill, Spheres, but also quite rocking tracks form the compilation's content.

Beside our well known buddies, for instance Striesen-Posse or Madstyle, there are also guests from Lithuania and Russia on this compilation. Modul from Krasnodar / Russia is known from our last release, Phundamental from Lithuania will be one of our next releases. The Solar Sound Network is another friendly community from Dresden, mainly in the fields of psy and chill. New as guest in Dresden is swedish resident Christian Björklund, who moved to Dresden and is quite active here; Skies Unlimited is the new combo of phonocake co-founder Roci Hinosch.

With this compilation, we also want to show another view inside dresden' music, making an alternative compilation, as an answer to the so called 'Sound of Dresden'-Compilation of the 'Dresdner' culture magazin, where no electronic music is part of it.
Keywords: compilation, 2007

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