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Audiospuren der Staubkaskade

phoke45   by   v.a.

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This release is a kind of a prereleased soundtrack for an experimental video by graphic artist Stefan Pautze, which was released at Phonocake in late 2009.

This remix project is based on Skies Unlimited's song for this video. Started in 2005 it was frozen until its release in september 2007. Many of Phonocake´s friends are concerned on this release. Besides this we are very happy about a guest-remix from Analogue Audio Association, one of the best-known Dresden's Electronic local heros.

There are no poetic concepts behind the name »Staubkaskade«. The german name »Staubkaskade« means the cascade and its dust. Dust is the mathematical conception for a set of nonconnected points. The cascade is a synonym for the principle of recursion. This is a function which calls itself again and again.

In fact fractals are nothing new. They appear in pictures since many years. But there is more behind this. It's a mathematical set for describing complex structures. This could be coastlines, clouds, mountains, plants, vascular systems, growth processes, stock-exchange prices or the allocation of material in the outer space.

It is just a little step from this to the assumption, that the main principle of fractals must be fixed in the world of architecture. The meaning of Stefan Pautze`s project 'Staubkaskade' is to get to the bottom of this priniple.

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