Alec Troniq
A Dreamer, strolling around and newly interpreting his environment by means of music again and again for himself. Sensible senses scan the environment - like the wind skims over everything and doesn't omit any detail.

The Alec Troniq music breaks out of personal moods and emotional situations. Some is his interface to society and corporeality (dance!) - some is rather very intimate or even ruminant, that is trying to convey non-trivial emotions for open tempers. The combination of both aspects is a constant experiment, but despite all these reveries he's about not losing the sense for intuitive music.

With this in mind Alec recently found his destination on IPOLY music with his kindred spirit Mentalic. In their own playground he's inspiring a natural candidness, to lead lacy perceptions back to the social melting pot - the dancefloor. Cause here, where we all have our place to freak out, it's time to reunite body and mind.

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Phonocake Releases


aaa efficiency e.p. (free Mp3-Release)
Windspiel (free MP3s @ Broque)
Passengers (12" Vinyl)
When Stars Fall Like Teardrops ($-MP3s @ ETUI Label)

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