Atl. is a Mexican sound designer from Ciudad de México, now based in Barcelona. Before the Atl. project he was known for his project Ilias Asterion (Link). He is also active under his real name Gerardo A. Barrera (Link).

Don't miss his Q4 2019 interview below here on his artist page.

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Here you can read a brand new interview with Atl.. (NOv 2019)


What place on earth would you like to see or go one day?
Papua New Guinea

Is there a favorite day in the week for you? If so, pls let us know.
Mondays are so underrated and awesome.

What are currently your favorite drinks or dishes?
I'm into craft beer, especially sours and berliners. I love Mexican food in general.

What moments can give you joy?
My first coffee in the morning and my first spliff at night.


Please tell us about your music and your process in making music?
Music as a full aesthetic experience. I like to collaborate with artists from different disciplines in order to achieve more rounded and complete, not necessarily complex creations.
I create bridges between languages. I might not be a musician but a translator.
I create the language, I establish the parameters and leave the rest to randomness, math, automation and chaos.

For your EP you collaborate with a visual artist. Pls let us know more about it.
Perhaps @fracturedmutants became my first friend when I got to Barcelona. He used to show me his creations and I really liked them. One day he showed me raw cerebellum and I told him "damn! I'd love to see this as an artwork for a vinyl or something" so he answered "cool, why don't you imagine the music for this artwork" and I said "ok! I'd love to!". I started working right away. During the process I tried to create an acoustic representation for each of the different elements of the visual composition and achieved something interesting. So I decided to use the same language just adjusting the parameters to see what happened with a different piece. First came unexpected titillations and I was amazed with the result so I decided to apply the same process to another image with different qualities and the result was transparent tremors.
I decided to launch this EP as the results of an experiment but also as an homage to the visual artist behind the music.
Thanks Bob for lending me your visual art to play and thanks parmon for providing the platform to publish the results of this experiment.

Would you like or could you play your music to a greater audience, live?
I'd certainly love to.


Please share some thoughts about today's or former situation of music in the internet?
I love/hate it. Fucking industry, everything happens so fast, we are talking about people, about artists, no disposable machines. We are not iPhones, we are creators. Fuck loudness war, fuck monopoly.
Long live the free internet, long live the chance to experiment and publish results, long live freedom of speech and freedom of sound, long live networks that provide us -anonymous creators- a space to showcase our work an connect with more people around and abroad.
There is (or there must be) more to life than this.

Are there any net labels or other artists in the net you would recommend?
Just dig up Soundcloud, YouTube and similar platforms the same way you would dig crates in a record store. There are wonderful things happening pretty much everywhere on a tiny scale.

Whats up in BCN or music / event wise in your country? Smth you can recommend for the current being?
There are some very interesting A/V projects going on inside the cannabis associations in Barcelona. They are providing space, time and receptive audiences which I find quite appealing.

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