We met Nico Steckhan alias Zenda alias Audiophil while he was studying in Dresden. He was connected through a friend. Nico lives in Berlin now. His musical path led him through electronic musical experiments, initially presented on his homepage, on to his EP "Pi-eces" at the Latvian Electronica Netlabel ELPA in 2010 until he came up to his album at Phonocake, where his entire _flower_, developed in the direction of acoustic instruments and vocals can be heard and felt. Those who like his tunes, can experience him and the singer Pollux live in various locations. If you organize events or venues, please don't hesitate to contact them for a booking via his website.

From time to time, Nico is active for the so called "Liquid Sound Sessions" at the Therme Bad Schandau and has a keen interest in Asian philosophy and video production.

Phonocake Releases

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