Kryptic Universe
Kryptic Universe from Dresden/Striesen has been listening to music most intensely for ten years and been active as a dj for about as long. A few may still know him under the name of Schindie. In the 90s, Kryptic Universe co-organized smashing parties with the Plastic Phreak collective and spun records alongside heroes like Andrea Parker, DJ Jonson, Mike Dearborn or Arovane. Since 2003, he's been experimenting with sounds and beats, investing his heart and soul in the silicon circuits to call to life a Detroit jazz electro style the way it used to be. Next to electronic music, jazz is the love of his life. Musically, he is rooted in Motor City and Detroit's sound. So far, you could see him play live at the Whatever in Dresden. And while he still loves vinyl records, he also appreciates mp3 music, ever since he discovered the universe of netlabels.

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