Settled somewhere among elektro, ambient and distortion, we find a musician with the pseudonym Madstyle, honoring Phonocake and its listeners with a seven track EP. At the age of 14, he was an avid listener of electronic music, that is, computer compositions on the Amiga 500, whistling along to melodies by Chris Hülsbeck ( ?Turrican?). It was then that somebody played techno to him for the first time, causing Madstyle to tune in to Rave Satellite on Fritz FM regularly and follow up on electronic music development. Consequently, he developed a eclectic taste in music. From about age 18 on, he?s been producing music himself. With his sound card, back then a Maxi Sound Home Studio with 16 MB Sample RAM, he mostly dedicated his time and effort to Jungle and Drum?n?Bass. This is probably when he came up with the Name Madstyle, trying to express the influence of the screaming, metallic FM sounds as a bizarre element of his compositions at that time.

The content of his productions has changed greatly since then. The monstrous visions of the future of his first compositions merely remain in name, and if ?Mad? still has a meaning now, it rather leads to more order and structure. Madstyle?s releases are now at once straightforward and full, leading to a very pleasant listening experience. Elaborate real-time-edits often lead Madstyle to and beyond the limits of his computer, thus not standing out too much while listening. Stylistically, he prefers scratches, beat flows, syntactic breaks, time-stretched voices, catchy and fluffy melodies and of course breakdowns in all shapes and sizes.

Currently studying in Hannover, Madstyle aka Mathias Weigoldt originally comes from Freiberg. Hopefully, we will soon hear more of his works on another new label from Dresden and maybe later on yet other labels, because Madstyle much enjoys this idea. His first release was an enjoyable ambient track on the Naturtrueb EP on Placid Records. Incidentally, two other tracks can be found on the Suburban City compilation as well as the Clothcraft compilation wo/men need music vol.03.

Phonocake Releases


Fine Sounding Seasons Ep (kahvi169 - netlabel release)

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