Trickform – This is the one man project of Martin Enke, born 1982 in Dresden, residing in Leipzig. His musical creations have been inspired by the styles of the masters afx, boc and cco. Playing music as a techno dj years ago, he decided around 2002 to play around and experiment with music and use his fascination for the magic of the sound waves. As Trickform, he’s had quite a few releases on the netlabel Tonatom. One of his tracks can be found on the Sleepy City compilation “7 seals of suburban city”, one of his remixes on the e.stonji 7” “Where to go”. He has performed live at the Schleife 9 in Dresden and also in Ulm.

In the future, he’ll focus his interest on acoustic sounds as a base for digital productions, specifically electric guitars, violins and flutes that are altered during the recording or in real time. For these kinds of sounds, he might come up with a new name for his project, or maybe it will be an evolution of Trickform.

Phonocake Releases


Goomeda EP (deleted net release @ Tonatom)
Gedankenregen (deleted net release @ Tonatom)
Frühlingsfrequenzen (deleted net release @ Tonatom)
Progress Report (A mini-CDr)
Thema (free MP3s @ Tonaton Netlabel)
Yunari ep (free Mp3s at Sleepy City)

Compilation Tracks

%s1 / %s2

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