Winterberg, named after a mountain. The impression of a rising sun seen from the mountain is eternalized in the track "Auf der Helle".

"Winterberg" is one of the artists projects. He is known as a member of the world music group Sitar Beat for a long time. His music can sometimes be heard in dance or theatre performances. His newest project is called "Central Boom and Space", in which he works together with solo artists. He tries to take the most elemental energies from one project to another.

"Winterberg" is the artist's solo project, which is known for experimental and more silent live electronics. Most of Winterbergs tracks are live recordings. His preference for analogue music hardware and live recording coincides indian scales, World Music, Ambient, Electronica, Noise and other music influences. His tracks are determined by a monotoneous honesty; the monophony as emotional catcher is an important element. But you won 't find sensationalism in Winterbergs tracks.

All started in an abandoned church, in a ruin, in which he had access to the leftover instruments. It was the first time he could compose for a large room. So it is no wonder, that music in space is of big interest for him.

He is friend with Gary Hurst for a long time, who created the video accompanying Winterberg's first album here. Both artists were to be seen in the Kleines Haus of the Schauspielhaus Dresden with a series of AV performances.

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