'noise beyond silence' started early, playing around with sounds and tracks in Amiga-tracker-systems. During the first years, the results could be seen live on stage with a nice little band called 'Shock Hazard'. Later and still today the artist was part of the Indie-Band 'Face-about-Face' (faf), where he plays keyboards and Guitar.

In 2003, after a visit at Phonocake's Birthplace, the 'Audiolab Dresden Postplatz' 'noise beyond silence' surprised us with a CDr and 4 tracks for Phonocake, that were presented with his first release here. In 2006, after several years of hidden productivity, he is back with the Pe EP, where can be seen, that he is to remain true to himself and his favorite music styles, although the music is not fast, euphoric or trancy any more.

'noise beyond silence' means an sonic mixture of looking back instruments and forward moving beats and structures, with references to Aphex Twin, Breakcore, Dub and other.

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