A music producer, Nicola Alparone aka inicolabug mixes technology and electronic music to create cyber textures of sounds, circuits and controls, microbeats, glitchy bugs crawling on one’s skin and transforming the brain into strong synapses of rhythm, joy and new experiences. During 2011 he released: an EP "stream of consciousness" published by Sincro Netlabel ( ), a track in the V.A compilation Sectioned 2.0 released by Section 27 Netlabel (link to release ) and a couple of tracks in the V.A. compilation Micro-Phonetics1 released by "Catalogue of wonders" ( ). in 2012 are out a tune in a compilation by somehowrecordings "the pursuit of quintessence" and one in "Poesis" released by catalogue of wonders.

Phonocake Releases

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