Graues Neutral
‚Graues Neutral’ is a cooperation between Joseph Kirch and mostly Peter Venus, who we got to know last year through his net label pumplanerec. and his cooperative works with Tobias Wolf (a concert for stone and electronic music). While being abroad in Graz in Austria for his studies, he produced the EP ‘Modell S’, which grants a small impression of his musical works and is also available at Phonocake. And indeed, the musical works of Peter Venus are deeply varied. Next to classical music, goa, breakcore and jazz, electronic listening music is his favorite area for experiments. His laptop has become his main musical output, not forgetting the piano, which he plays easily, as well as the French horn or the strings. In studios like the Untertonstudio in Dresden, he processes his works with recent insight from his education as a sound engineer. Peter Venus played live in Dresden several times already, e.g. at the Picknick, the Motorenhalle, the Hygienemuseum or at the ‘Spass im Grass’ festival in 2005.

Phonocake Releases


live@SUB/Graz june, 23rd 2007 (Mp3-Release @ Pumplane)

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