time-stretching, deconstruction, abrupt breaks, own digital sounds, improvisation, distorted, electrified, psycholine, headphone listening, intelligent virtual insects, autonomous microprocessing, end of utopia, panning, room, noise. vo:da: goes deep into the self-created sounds and uses all possibilities of moving parameters and preferences for creating new, sometimes hard and distorted environments. Each song hosts alittle story and a kind of long development history, similiar to electro-acustic music-titles, but those stories mostly cannot be seen. The tracks on phonocake do not give a view on the complete musical spectrum of vo:da:. You can here in his first release some of the relaxed and smooth tracks. vo:da: has produced 2 full length cdrs. The first one was available online as mp3 download.

Phonocake Releases


Enemy Unknown (free mp3 release)
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