Geocode is a pseudonym of Michael Richter, who also released music under this name. In the last year, we enjoyed some self-distributed CDrs, Liveactings and demo-Cds.

His Album 'Sleeper' is published by the CDr-DIY-Community Retinascan. Phonocake connected to him through the Audiolab Dresden Postplatz and through connecting by his music compagnon and buddy Escape Now!.

We can find monotonous Sound-experiments as well as complex works, almost all digital, often melodic, but also tracks that don't fear contacts with acustical instruments, working with disharmonic or even vanish in the dark. These words cannot be mapped on his Geocode-Release on Phonocake.

But check out more! Contacts can be made via Phonocake or Idealfun, while Idealfun is also your source in questions of Booking.

Links: Sleeper CDr | Booking :

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