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phoke55   by   0c/crp

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Drifting in a vortex of 'new' frequencies, combined with million years old compounds and an artificial replacement, which communicates the perception of dinosaurs, from whose is known, that they could for instance see much more colours than humans can perceive today. Let the ancient Mammals play a random sudoku. Re-Activate your hidden dysfunct genome parts.

A broader spectrum, extension, expansion, that could be the theme of the hypnotic Electronic-structures by 0C and Crp, that Phonocake can bring out after one year of kind of timeless contact now. BTW We found contact via Demo-Submission. It's the artists debut release, so watch out for more to come. The musicians are part of a collective of currently four peeps from Tallinn in Estonia, including graphic artists. The artists also produce music in wider spectrum of electronic music. Phonocake choose the more relaxed tracks for the label.
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Thanks to: Phonocake, Sergey Dragunov, Mark Tarnashinski, Katarina Oganjan, EkaterinaSidorenkova, Parmon, bad weather days, household robots, mammals and You.

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