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phoke57   by   Idhren

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The furrowed brows relax from work and the evening stars saunter in the oceanic vastness, seeking for the prompt satisfied hospitality, while 'sørgelig Sommerfugl' swirl around us, tiptoeing on the way to a church, on ramshackle and gradually space limited wooden ways, to touch the final gold in København, for a short moment of calm, before the politics of the wind will catch us again and we find ourselves in a play repeating chimes of life. Let ourselves bed on Moroccan roses and put Benzoin resin on the puck made of coal, slightly nudge the boat and let's drift out of the haven.

After two years the second full release of Idhren, »Klint«, follows his great and also notably debut EP on the meanwhile disfunct greek netlabel »Digilog«. While this former release was completely swimming in downtempo, on to open structured ambient, »Klint« now consists of increasing IDM, always containing a calm and harmonic core. From time to time, melancholic extensiveness says hello.

Idhren's release on digilog could had been released on Phonocake then, if we would have realised his email that time. Due to a fortune, we met and started to hold him in high regard later, during a liveact in the Heidemühle in Dresden. A fairly long time passed by since this, but now, after explorations in the sound of new worldwide friends, we come back to local areas around us.

There is a remastered version available at Bandcamp. (from July 2019 on) You can support the artist with the purchase of the hi end remastered Wave files.
» artist shout outs:.

Special thanks to Jacob Korn, parmon, trans apl, Ruxpin, Gate Zero, Vakuum Sounds, Madstyle, trickform, Sinamon and the whole Phonocake bunch! Very special thanks to Sans and my family!!!

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