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phoke59   by   Deftype

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Itch [ich]::: a restless usually constant often compulsive desire; Lacuna [luh-kyoo-nuh] ::: a blank space or missing part ::: Breakout Session, yeah. Breaking through the next domestication level. Still, you are just the cog in the cause-and-effect chain. Become a ball-lightning. Send your own mind's dictatorship to sleep and break the chain of infection. Beat it, pump it, let the rave speak. Send the elk in the porcelain shop and let your thinkings distort the way you act.

With his double-sided release Itch/Lacuna, Deftype is back after a 'tour' in the world's netlabel scene, releasing at Binkcrsh, Bumpfoot and Amenorea. Be prepared for faster and slightly harder pieces in dark matter electronics.

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