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phoke62   by   v.a.

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In easy relaxation mode we stroll into the temple of review, looking back into 2009, seeing and interpreting the signs, that will direct us into the future, opening many diverse musical rooms.

A run into europeans winter's breeze let's us try to bring the december mood to a spring-like reunion full of kisses. Still hidden we are happy about an upcoming phonocake release by Modul, while we can already listen one of the tracks here.

As a debut we can find tracks by diverse local heroes, e.g. Hofuku Sochi, who could be known from his netrelease at Camomille, called the lost tapes. Or welcome revived Sandrow Mitzschke, who could be better known in Dresden as Sören Matschiste. And besides this a smooth nice track by Insect O., which opens the hope for a nice upcoming spring time. Sören and Insect O. live the Dresden based record label ETUI, which is successfull especially in the field of Deep Techno House .

Also with us are friends from Tallinn, Barcelona, Krasnodar, Montevideo und Florence again. And there are two new projekt names to be found: Captain Snorehead and One Day In Metropia, while the last one could also be known from live sets in the Altes Wettbüro or Schleife 9, one location, which was voted in local electronic life event magazine ( on position one of the best locations in 2009, but sadly is no more active in 2010.

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