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vinyl record
The Brown Book

phoke70   by   Digi G'Alessio

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Sizzle shizzle, who funks da offbeat through the hood? It's Digi G'Alessio again, with his acoustical 'heater', who wonks the chipping peeps and beats out of our body peripherals, each gram in us moving, squeezing everything out of us and the machines. Don't struggle, no way, it all comes so massive. Yo!

Our bro and friend Digi G'Alessio is back with full luv effect. We enjoy that he comes back after his excursions into Trip Hop, Dubstep, Wonky and delights us with his full Skweee album ... funky chipsounds in a black music sample context, all beats in a free n wonky timeline, the hardware rocking. Everything happened live and in color. And the stems are waiting for re-mixing. ; )

And Phonocake will make the artist's dream come true and brings out two of the tracks of "The Brown Book" on a specially mastered monster bass 7" single record. (ORDER HERE : ) )

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