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Comer y Dormir Vol. 1 »Sueños«

phoke67   by   Tinitus y Sofi Casanova

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Forgot, which month or day it is, counting the grains, one after another, diving into the sky's blue and strolling with slow steps between beauty and reduction, on top of the houses, where the Green grows into us, its branches burgeons in veins, weaving us, snuggling, also when you are away, in yearning.

Our friend and sound designer Tinitus from Montevideo is back. This time as a magic creative duo, with Sofi Casanova, bringing you the dreams of 2010, in a mixture of tropical downbeats, jazzy influences, field recordings, south american Electronica Hip Hop, letting you dream in one timeless flight around the globe, from South America with love.

Here comes the sound of "Comer y Dormir": beats, textures and landscapes to re-think about your unconscious mind activities.

"Comer y Dormir" (literally translated "to eat and to sleep") is a multimedia project run by Andres "Tinitus" Nudelman, Sofia Casanova and Karin Topolanski. The first stage, based on investigation about dreams, is an audiovisual and photo installation.

» artist shout outs:.

Thanks to Karin Topolanski, Willow, el Ian, el Mara, Juan Sonido Poderoso, Julia, Javier, Jorge, Mercedes, Marficia (Cota) , y Lila.

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