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phoke69   by   trans alp

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When peaceful rays decompose our bodies, then it might be time to go through the Tannhäuser Tor, with a colored check (pattern), replicated on plastics, the artificial idols, whose sonic aura lets us melt, carrying in us, dragged with us. The tetrahedron network is the matter, from which the dreams are made of, sand for the masses, in realtime against the illusion of infinity.

Trans Alp is back with new influences. We witness his 2010er version of electronic Dub and diverse steps here. The EP goes a step further whilst the musician helps itself with a mixture of "sawtooth rag shredder" and fragile electronica aestetics at the same time. Unusually voluminous, yet clear and structured it delivers his own definition of the current 'hype machines', utilizing digital and analogue machines.

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